Don Hall

A variety of executive search and placement services can be provided in total, modified, or a la carte —


customized to fit the particular needs of your institution.

Our Guarantee

Higley, Hall & Company, Inc. subscribes to all ethical standards of the retained-search industry…
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Full Search

Based on the information provided by our client, we begin with a complete search for qualified candidates seeking out the most talented people available.

The process includes the use of our candidate database, knowledge of the industry, and extensive industry contacts.

Once the list is narrowed to a final selection of candidates, we personally interview them, administer a series of tests, set up interviews with our client and accompany each candidate during the interview process.

Our clients are continually advised of the search in process.

Modified Search

This form of search is designed for clients who prefer to conduct the initial portion of the search themselves. In these cases, once the candidates' resumes are received in-house, we are called in to make determinations based on our experience and knowledge of the current job market.

We review each resume, develop a short list, make the initial contacts to determine each candidates interest and/or availability, and then deliver them to the client.

This enables the client to avoid potential embarassments with prospective candidates who do not fit the requirements of the job.

A la Carte Services

Depending on particular situations or client needs, we also can provide our services on an as-needed basis.

For example, a client may want to choose from one to five candidates, all of whom meet their requirements. But the client may feel it would be awkward to contact the candidates directly.

In this instance, Higley, Hall and Company would be engaged to meet with the clients selection(s), conduct interviews, administer tests and make reccomendations.