Don Hall

One of Higley, Hall & Company's particular strengths is the development of a mutuality of commitment between the firm and our clients.

Our Commitment

When Higley, Hall is called in, the completion of the task is assured. There are no sales people here, only bankers working with bankers.


Our Process

A hands-on approach is utilized throughout the entire process, from the initial search and ensuing selection phase through to the final negotiations and transactions. We view each candidate from the perspective of a banker.

Before the actual search begins, a list of "musts" and "preferreds" about the potential candidates are discussed, explored and compiled. As a result of this process, clients are better able to focus on exactly what experience and qualities they desire in candidates.

Every potential candidate is screened and checked to establish that a match exists between their skills and your requirements. Additionally, Higley, Hall does extensive testing of candidates in order to develop a complete profile of each final candidate.

Once the list of potentials is narrowed from a choice of external or internal candidates, all are reviewed with your selection committee or other hiring authority before the finalists are called in for your review.

As part of the interview process, Don Hall or his representative, participates in the interview. He also meets with the committee prior to and following the interview of the candidate(s).

From beginning to conclusion, Higley, Hall & Company is with you at each step of the way.

Our Guarantee

All searches are guaranteed for one year. In the event that a candidate leaves the employ of the client for any reason within one year, Higley, Hall & Company will conduct a replacement search at no cost to the client.

Higley, Hall & Company, Inc. subscribes to all ethical standards of the retained-search industry.